is your Brand in the cBd / hemp / cannaBis space



if so, you've probably noticed these industries getting

Increasingly croWded. 


you'll need to do something

 To Standout ... 

and that's where I come in. 


as a former pro athlete and current cannabis consultant,

I specialize in creating content that's factual & Science-Based...


but also 

Actually InteRestinG

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Current and past clients include:

AnD hErE arE some Links:

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A B o u t     M  e

I'm  thomas wrona, a Copywriter and Consultant

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who  Specializes  in creating

hemp, cannabis, fitness, and wellness-related


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I  also create premium solventless plant extracts


but that's what my 

other  webSite

is for!


Questions, comments, c0ncerns?

or maybe you 'd  just  like to

work together to create content or products?


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I'll get bacK to You Soon.

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@ 2o20  By Thomas WronA