• T Wrona

Are You Deficient in Endocannabinoids?

Dr. Ethan Russo thinks you might be. Especially if you have migraines, fibro, or have been a non-responder to conventional medical treatments.

And he’s not the only one. Dr. Bob Melamede agrees. Moving past diseases and symptoms, how is your outlook on life? Do you look forwards, or backwards? Is your past and its problems guiding your present?

If so, the culprit might be the same. Your body might not be producing sufficient qualities of endocannabinoids.

We see a clear example of this in localized disease states. For example, in those with gut health problems, often ECS receptor density is high, but circulating endocannabinoid levels are low. It’s like the System itself is announcing the demand, but production cannot keep up and fulfill it. What happens then? CECDS — clinical endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome.

This state is just a possibility. It’s intriguing and intuitive as a theory, too. But it’s possibly such an epidemic that some self ~ testing might be warranted. If you have many of the following, you just might be deficient:

  • Chronic Inflammation

  • Chronic Migraines

  • Fibromyalgia

  • IBS

  • Brain Fog

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Sleep Problems

  • Trouble with Memory

  • Trouble Speaking

  • Trouble Focusing

If you think that might be the case, don’t worry. If you know causation, you can begin to get better!

I realize some of the categories above are pretty broad. What’s important to remember is that endocannabinoids could be a limiting factor to your recovery from these kinds of disease states. They could even be the primary rate limiting factor. It’s likely not an either or thing, but rather a potential piece, the size of which is on a sliding scale.

Regardless of the extent of eCB deficiency, raising eCB levels is likely to help. Since you can’t actually be diagnosed with CECDS yet ~ testing would be inaccurate and the medical community’s awareness just isn’t there ~ it’s best to assume some degree of feedback loop breakdown and being hemp dosing conservatively, as needed.

When it comes to remediation, though, hemp isn’t all you can do. It might not even be

what you should do ~ it may not be your best choice.Sunlight and natural rhythms also go a long way.

Just think: did you become Endocannabinoid deficient because you didn’t take hemp or smoke any cannabis? Unlikely, and implausible from an evolutionary standpoint.

What this state of being does imply is that your body’s homeostatic ability was lost because its primary mechanism (the ECS) was exhausted. And why would it be exhausted? I believe because environmental stress got too high.

In some cases, it’s best to escape a situation the same way you went into it. Did your health break down from poor nutrition, lack of sunlight, or sleep problems? It likely did. At some point your body lost the ability to heal itself, and it likely started with something basic.

Epigenetic expression went South in the face of unfavorable conditions for expressing. Intuitive, right? mitDNA couldn’t stay optimal forever because mitochondrial inefficiency crept in. The CB2 receptors on mitochondrial surfaces weren’t enough.

The Endocannabinoid System is amazing, but it doesn’t provide the entire picture. Though leveraging its understanding is an excellent way to get healthy, staying healthy in the long run requires a perspective that acknowledges every part of the whole.

The existence of CECDS should bring us to another question before it brings us to an obvious solution. Why are so many people’s Endocannabinoid Systems getting exhausted?

It could be circadian mismatches.

On a basic level, it could be even simpler. We know that the ECS responds to stress by increasing anandamide production. But these transient boosts can only last so long. At a certain point, supply gets depleted, especially if fatty acid precursors aren’t being optimized through diet.

Much like insulin resistance beings with its chronic overexpression, endocannabinoid deficiency might being with chronic stress and everything it activates.

When concepts are distilled down, reducing stress is the way to go. And if hemp helps you with that, great! I guess that brings things full circle.